When Alice runs away from home to look for her lost dog, little she knows that she may never return. She stumbles upon the kingdom of Dog-Land, an alternate world where dogs are the masters, and humans, their pets.

Under the crimson sky of this misshapen realm, the sprightly ten-year-old begins her true journey – of discovering what it truly means to be human – as she seeks a way back to our world.

Seven Years in Dog-Land is a literary fantasy set in a gritty and cruel kingdom of dogs. It is an exploration of humans’ relationship with nature and the human condition itself.

This is a standalone graphic novel of serious fiction I produced and published in Singapore, circa 2009-2011. It spans almost 300 pages. This site, produced in late 2013, houses the free webcomic version that contains half the story.



To date, Seven Years in Dog-Land has achieved these milestones:

  • Readers’ rating of 5/5 stars when it was hosted on Smackjeeves (2009)
  • One of Graphicly.com’s ‘Featured Titles‘ alongside comics from top publishers such as Marvel, Image, and IDW (2010)
  • The only graphic novel to compete at the finals of the Self-Published Author Awards (2011)
  • Currently being produced as a play by a high school in Florida, and they will perform it in a national circuit (details to be revealed in the near future!)