The Canines

Canines are the denizens of Cania, the bizarre land of talking dogs. Although they look every bit like the dogs on Earth, they are much larger than us humans. This befits their status as the dominant species in their world. Canine behaviour is far gentler and more sophisticated than mere dogs – for they are more human than animal.


The Sapiens

Sapiens play a diverse role in the ecology of Cania. They can be household pets, beasts of burden, sources of amusement, and even food. Their keen intelligence and meekness make them easily trained and domesticated by Canines. Sapiens look eerily human, except for the unkempt hair, filthiness and savage disposition. But perhaps they too can be more than just simple beasts…



Like the proverbial Alice of Wonderland fame, Alice Carroll carries an unceasing thirst for adventure and unbridled care for the ones she loves. When her pet dog Charlie mysteriously runs away, all she can think of is finding him in the vast wilderness, never mind the dangers. In the journey that ensues, she will see far more than she has ever imagined…



Alice’s relationship with her father Lewis Carroll can be described as strained, at best. In between their infrequent conversations lie many moments of disconnect and awkwardness. But Lewis’ chain-smoking and depression belie a simple fact – he cares deeply for his daughter, for he is afraid of losing her like how he lost her mother.



Alice’s best friend, her pet Labrador Retriever Charlie, is getting on in age. In dog years, Charlie will be considered an elderly canine. They have been inseparable since he was a pup, which makes his running away even more perplexing…

After a traumatic first 2 years in Dog-Land, Alice meets the king of the realm himself, Charles Saban. By pure instinct, she thinks she has finally found Charlie, her lost pet dog. Charles tries to rule as well as he can, but moments of cold detachment hint at his jadedness. It remains to be seen whether Charles is really Alice’s dog, as he has no memory of her.


Lela and Ike

The adorable children of Charles, Lela and Ike Saban, love Alice and shower her with all the love a Royal Pet can get. Lela is directly responsible for Alice’s change in fortunes, by plucking her from the cruel clutches of Dulac the Sapien-pet trader. Their attachment to one another is strengthened by the fact that all of them have lost their respective mothers.



A battle-worn warrior re-assigned by Charles himself to protect the Royal Family, Garr carries out his duties with utmost dedication. He never seems to leave the side of Princess Lela, to whom he devotes the most work. Whenever the princess leaves the Palace on a crazy adventure, without even telling Charles, Garr is always by her side, striking fear in all who even think of waylaying her.



Alice will have bitter and unforgettable memories of Dulac. The foremost Sapien-pet trader in Cania makes good money from his live goods with little regard for their well-being. When a severe drought descended on Cania, he tortured his Sapiens into performing circus tricks for entertainment and small takings. To him, Sapiens are just fodder for his business.



Todd is the first Canine Alice meets after mysteriously ending up in Cania, and this may not be the only time they cross paths. As a professional hunter of wild Sapiens, he immediately regards Alice a prize catch. To Todd, catching and selling Sapiens is ‘only a job’, irrelevant to silly moral judgments.



Activa will have a long and unforgettable relationship as Alice’s de-facto guardian. As leader of Cania’s Sapien-rights activists, it was a matter of time before she knew Alice, the only talking Sapien in Cania’s history. As long as Alice lives, Activa will be her friend, mother, and loving protector.



One of the most powerful officials in Charles Saban’s court, Rasputin has served Cania for nearly his whole life. With his heavy bearing and stern mannerisms, none can grasp his true intentions. When something is amiss, you see him lurking in the corner, spying and strategizing. Naturally, everyone in the royal court is fearful of this enigma.



Like many royal officials, Magus has served the kings of Cania for decades. He strives to be the polar opposite of Rasputin by being approachable and jovial, even to a mere Sapien like Alice. In fact, he might go as far as sharing the palace’s forbidden secrets…



Oni is a cold, efficient fighting machine who serves loyally as Magus’ bodyguard. One can only wonder why Magus would choose a servant like this one. In stark contrast to Magus, Oni’s disposition hints at his deadliness – terminating conversations with single words and invoking silence with piercing eyes.



Brutus is leader of the Palace guards, and executes his duties to the letter. He is not afraid to offend any Noble when carrying out any of the king’s orders. Nothing escapes his notice, he boasts, and no-one has disproved this yet.